English — A Bridge to The World高二英语作文

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English — A Bridge to The World高二英语作文

English is the most widely used language in the world. It is used as the mother tongue in some countries across the world, such as England, America and Canada. My hometown, Luoyang, is a famous tourist destination which is visited by many foreigners every year. I wish people all over the world knew of the beautiful places in my hometown, such as the Longmen Grottos and White Horse Temple. For me, English is important because I can use it to introduce places of interest in Luoyang to tourists. English is like a bridge between two cultures. It allows me to make friends with Luoyang s foreign visitors. Today we live in the information age. There are many new things being invented every day, which are only described in English. If I want to find out detailed information about these new inventions, I need to know English. So English is essential if I want to gain new knowledge. English is a universal language. It s the language of science and the language of commerce. English allows me to communicate with people from every corner of the globe. In short, English is a bridge to the world.


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