My Favorite Animal(我喜欢的动物)250字

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My Favorite Animal(我喜欢的动物)_250字

Most people have their favorite animals. I also have one. Now let me introduce my favorite animal- a little dog to you. I’m sure you’ ll like ittoo. It’s a dog that is called Wangwang. It is small and white with long hairsmall eyes and a black nose. Its body is very short. So it looks like a ball. It is very lovely. When it is gladit will jump and run here and thereor hold my foot. If it is tired it sleeps on the sofa. It is able to do amazing things! It is able to jump over a bar that is 0.6cm high. It can help me carry shoes and put them away. It is my best friend. It makes my life more and more colorful . Do you have your own pet Can you tell me more




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